What You Should Know About An Animal Attack

Animal attacks produce serious injuries and could lead to death. Laws are in place to protect individuals who are attacked and hold the pet owner accountable. These laws present hefty penalties when owners fail to manage their pets properly and lower the risk of these attacks. The following are details that victims should know about these attacks and how to file a claim.

Under What Circumstances Doesn’t the Victim Have a Case?

A victim of an animal attack doesn’t have a viable case if they forced the animal to attack them. If a victim provokes a dog by abusing it, they aren’t within their rights to sue the owner. They created the circumstances in which the dog attacked. If the victim broke into the property or trespassed, they broke the law and lose all legal rights to file a claim.

What are the Liabilities of the Pet Owner?

The pet owner is liable for any injuries that occur in their home. By law, they must maintain all conditions inside and outside their property safe. This lowers the risk of accidents and injuries. This applies to their pets as well. If the owner invites someone to their home, they must maintain control over their pets throughout the entire visit. If they take action, they can stop unwanted circumstances. However, if they fail to provide this duty to their guests, they are liable for any injuries that were produced.

Can Animal Control Take Their Pet?

An animal control officer has the authority to enforce laws associated with domesticated pets that pertain to public safety. If an animal attack is reported, the animal control officer has the authority to demand vaccination records. They can also require quarantine for non-vaccinated pets. If the animal is aggressive or a threat to the public, the officer can seize the animal.

Animal attacks could happen at any time. These circumstances could present dire results including disfigurement, loss of limb, and death. This is why laws are enforced to lower the potential for these events. Victims of an animal attack contact the Dodge Jones Injury Law Firm to start a case now.