There are Many Reaons Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy

No one leaves their home in the morning and expects to become another vehicle accident statistic. It is an unfortunate reality that millions will experience this frightening event every year. Approximately 2.3 million receive injuries in auto accidents annually and over 37,000 will lose their lives. Road accidents cost Americans a combined total of $230 billion a year. Everyone is at risk and business owners have much more at stake. When employees use company vehicles for any reason they become responsible for the safety of that individual and every other person on the road with them.

Why Your Business Needs a Driving at Work Policy is simple. It improves safety records, lowers insurance costs and may help to save a life. An employer is liable for the actions of their employees whenever they are on the clock. This includes when they make a mistake operating a motor vehicle just as it would if they caused an injury from a slip and fall after failing to warn customers of a wet floor. The benefits of taking the time to create a policy add up quickly.

  • It saves lives and reduce injuries.
  • Provides a guideline of acceptable behavior and make it easier to have a reason to dismiss employees when they fail to follow protocol.
  • Lowers insurance liability costs and worker’s compensation expenses.
  • Reduces all related vehicle expenses including repairs.

The total cost to American business owners each year is $60 billion in repair costs, legal fees and other accident-related expenses. The average cost of an at-work vehicle accident is $74,000 and the cost rises if severe injuries or fatalities occur. Enacting a policy is inexpensive and is easy to include with other training programs. Including a no-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, having clear expectations of behavior when behind the wheel and performing license and background checks are common steps.

The risk is not limited to the trucking industry or delivery services. Every business vehicle and driver is a potential risk and the responsibility is the same for all companies. Employers that take their policy seriously and insist on 100 percent compliance do everything possible to keep themselves from becoming another statistic.