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The Industries That are Threatened by Driverless Cars.

In the next twenty years, there could be a major change in the world owing to the idea of technological savvy of producing driverless cars. The notion of developing automated cars is achievable in less time than we thought. If this becomes a reality, it will be one of the highest innovations in the technology world ever seen. Whereas some industries will be hurt by this innovation, the automobile and technological establishments will gain a lot of profits from it. Many organs of the economy will have to acclimatize to the development or will vanish. There nevertheless will be the ones which will bear the biggest brunt.

The insurance industry stands to lose a lot in this invention. Driverless cars will become a reality to the consumers once it has been established that they are perfect regarding safety. There cannot be a window for error as opposed to the acceptance for human errors as this can cause catastrophic effects. It is therefore after determining the safety of the vehicles with time that people will not have to use motor insurance. Financial income for motor insurance companies and car accidents lawyers will be lost.

The professional driver will most likely be affected by the innovation. The announcement has been done by Uber Chief Executive Officer about their plans to phase drivers for the automated cars, after its launching. Career drivers will be on a low demand once this is realized and will affect drivers across all fields such as for the trucks, ambulances, taxi and others. With this innovation, companies will have the ability to monitor their fleets and increase efficiency while minimizing the expenses. The technology will require some human assistance to operate but will in due time be reduced to a minimal number.

The realization of this innovation will influence the hotel industry negatively. The innovation will further add to the woes of this industry. People will most of the time relax in a hotel after getting tired from driving for long. The hotel sector has benefitted a lot from for many years from this habit of people. When people start using driverless cars, they will be no need for resting in a motel or staying in a hotel room for the night. Owners of the cars will opt to sleep in their vehicles instead. This will save them money and time which is a very valuable commodity.

The airline business will also be among those that loses income. This will mostly affect the airlines that specialize in domestic flights. People prefer domestic planes to cars because in a car you easily get tired when you are traveling. A traveler that uses a driverless car is guaranteed of a safe journey, and thus they also have enough time to prepare for meetings.

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