Protecting Your Interests after an Accident

When you are in the prime of your career, you never expect an on-the-job accident to throw you off track.  However, an injury or illness that you suffered at work could quickly bring your career to a halt and put your future at risk.

You have a finite amount of time to act in your own best interests if you are hurt at work.  By seeking medical care, hiring a lawyer, and filing for workers compensation Portland claimants like you could secure your income, protect your job, and pursue the benefits to which you are rightfully entitled.

Retaining Legal Counsel

If you plan on hiring a lawyer to assist you in this matter, it can be vital that you hire one who specializes in workers comp law in your state.  A bankruptcy attorney, for example, may not know much if anything about the state’s employment laws.  A lawyer who specializes in this legal specialty will know how to apply the letter of the law to your case.

However, most states set a finite amount of time for injured workers to act.  You may have as few as 72 hours to seek medical care of the injury or illness, file a claim, and retain a lawyer.  You may want to act quickly to secure your rights before the time frame expires.

Once you have an attorney on retainer, you can hand off the task of filing a claim to your legal counsel.  Your attorney can act as your intermediary between you and the employer.  He or she can also act as your representative if or when the employer’s insurer asks for information about the accident from you.

Once the claim if filed, your attorney can then pursue the benefits to which you are legally entitled.  Your lawyer can decide if you are entitled to temporary or medical benefits or if you have the right to pursue full disability benefits in court.

An on-the-job injury or illness can bring your career to a halt.  You can secure the benefits you are entitled to and get legal help with your case by hiring a lawyer who practices in this unique area of the law.