Consider again to get a second Disability Benefit

If your initial application for Social Security disability benefits has been denied, you shouldn’t give up hope. Many people are denied after their first attempt to get approved for disability benefits. Fortunately, there are several levels within the appellate process that you can utilize to prove that you quailify for disability benefits. Due to the various regulatioins and deadlines associated with the appellate process, it’s advantageous to consult an experienced Oregon Social Security diabilty lawyer for assistance.



You can request the Social Security Administration reconsider their decision to deny your request for disability benefits. A representative will assess all of the evidence included with your original claim and review any new information you have provided.

Submit your request for reconsideration within sixty days of being notified of the decision regarding your original claim. You can file the appeal online at the Social Security website or submit the appeal through the mail. An attorney knows the type of information you’ll need to submit in order to prove you are suffering from a disability. The attorney can also help you file the appeal in a timely manner.


Administrative Law Judge Hearing

If your claim is denied once again, you can request a hearing with an administrative law judge. Prior to the hearing, you can give more evidence to the judge that will strengthen your claim. During the hearing, you have an opportunity to speak with the judge to discuss your medical condition and clarify any discrepancies the judge may have regarding your claim.

When you are prepared for the hearing, it improves your chances of making a favorable impression with the judge. A lawyer can inform you of the questions the judge will likely ask and explain the best way to respond. It’s common for the judge to want to know details regarding your medical treatment, the severity of your medical condition, and the physical and mental limitations you deal with on a daily basis.


Appeals Council

If you don’t agree with the administrative law judge’s decision, you can request your claim be reviewed by the Social Security’s Appeals Council. If the Appeals Council believes the administrative law judge’s decision was correct, it will deny your request for the claim to be reviewed again. If the Appeals Council decides to review your claim, they may evaluate the case themselves or send the claim back to another administrative law judge to review.


Lawsuit in Federal Court

If the Appeals Council makes an unfavorable decision, you can file a lawsuit in district court. It may take several years for a resolution to be reached in court. You should discuss the benefits and disadvantages of potentially filing a lawsuit with your attorney. After you’ve discussed your legal options, you can make an informed decision regarding the best way to proceed.

Promptly filing an appeal when you are denied Social Security disability Vancouver WA is imperative if you want your claim re-evaluated. The appellate process is complex, time-consuming, and can take a financial toll on you and your family. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can guide you every step of the way and will work diligently to help you get the disability benefits you need.