Car Accident Compensation Types

Car Accident Compensation Types

A car accident is a traumatic event in the lives of drivers and passengers. It’s not just a collision. It’s a life and death moment where everything stands still in their mind. The emotions surrounding that accident are heightened: Fear, uncertainty, sadness, and even anger. The emotions are just the beginning of it. After the car accident occurs, life often changes forever. Drivers may have a fear of driving that they never had before. Passengers may become anxious whenever they’re in a vehicle. For the wrongfully injured drivers, life is often a nightmare.

Types of compensation

Compensation isn’t just limited to lost wages and medical bills. There are many other types of compensation that people don’t consider. Thankfully, a car accident attorney Campbell CA service KNOWS the types of compensation that may apply to a particular accident.

Property damage

Some car accidents damage not just the vehicle but other items on a property.

Diminished enjoyment of life

When a grave physical injury is present, the enjoyment of life falls quickly. Many people aren’t able to look at life in the same optimistic way or enjoy activities they once enjoyed.

Emotional distress

When a car accident injury is severe, there’s always some form of emotional distress that accompanies it. People may wonder what they could have done to prevent the car accident and relive it over and over again. Even if the accident wasn’t their fault at all and there was nothing they could have done, they will suffer tremendously because of this.

Diminished earning capacity

Even if people get back on their feet after a car accident, they may not be able to earn as much as they once did. Someone who suffers a head injury and can no longer work at a desk job or a job that requires intense concentration. This factors into compensation amounts.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for compensation types. There are dozens more that your accident attorney will pour over in your case while they calculate how much money to ask for in your case. They will likely get your approval in all areas, but it’s best to go along with your injury attorney and let them run the show. You will come out ahead both financially and emotionally. It’s up to you to recover while your attorney handles the legal aspects of your accident.